Supper Dry Pants

“BIPPI” stands for “Baby Is Pure, Playful, Imaginative”. We understand parenthood, the joys and the challenges, this inspires us to develop the right products to help make parenting life easier.

Our Products

BIPPI offers great value baby products which are innovative, functional, safe, and easy to use.

Why Choose BIPPI Baby Wet Wipes

Our baby wet wipes are designed to be gentle on baby’s skin with natural and safe ingredients.

Safe for Hands, Face and Body

No fragrance, Alcohol, Paraben, only natural & safe ingredients.


Cleanse and Moisture baby’s sensitive skin

Gentle on Skin

Use only safe & natural ingredients

Why Choose BIPPI Baby Pants Diapers

Featuring our latest innovation to create great value pants diapers which give unmatchable performance at its price range.

Leak Protection

Super Absorbent Core provide fast absorbency and locks liquid away, keeps baby’s skin dry & healthy.

Soft Surface

Provide ultimate comfort and free movement

Skin Friendly

No chemical bleach, no fragrance, no chlorine! Only skin friendly material provides ultimate comfort and protection.

Our Features

Designed with babies in mind, produced with state of the art technology and safe materials only.

Breathable Back Sheet

Ventilate and release heat to keep baby’s bottom dry and cool.

360o Soft Waistband

Provide ultimate comfort, reduce redness.

Super Absorbent Core

Provides fast absorbency and locks liquid away, keeps baby’s skin dry & healthy

Double Leg Guard

Provides fits and prevent leakage from legs.

Gentle on Skin

0% Chemical bleach, 0% Fragrance, 0% Chlorine. Only safe material for skin.

Wetness Indicator

Shows when to change the diaper.

“bippi” baby pants diapers is designed to be soft on skin, maximum leakage protection, and with only safe and skin friendly materials.

We are proudly certified!


“bippi’ baby diapers are made from safe and skin friend materials. They are predominately made of: Non-woven Polyolefin, Fluff pulp, Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), Polyolefin Film together with fastening and elastic materials.

No, we use only safe and skin friendly materials for “bippi” products. We develop our products with babies in mind.

Our manufacturing facility inherit the highest possible standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSA 18001, and European CE.

“bippi” has super absorbent core which provide fast absorbency and locks liquid away. The number of hours depends on a child’s liquid intake. “bippi” baby pants diapers I s designed to last overnight for most babies.

Yes, “bippi” baby pants diapers has backsheet covers which are breathable, this helps ventilate and release heat from inside the diaper and keeps baby’s bottom dry and cool.